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SWR 2 online radio creates a web of culture, classics and jazz. Highly entertaining and very interesting!

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Additional contents

SWR2 Aktuell
SWR2 Aktuell From Germany: Podcast , Politics
Information and background on the news of the day in the world politics broadcasted by SWR2.
Episode: SWR Aktuell vom ..2008, .00 Uhr
SWR2 - Archivradio
SWR2 - Archivradio From Germany: Culture, History
SWR 2 archive radio broadcasts the finest material from ARD and DRA tv channels on historical, cultural and political topics.
SWR2 Aula - Wissenschaft aus erster Hand
SWR2 Aula - Wissenschaft aus erster Hand From Germany: Podcast , Science
"Aula" is the program of SWR 2 radio station, broadcasted weekly, feuturing 30 minutes long talks where renowned scientists take a stand on important topics.
Episode: Nicht schuldig sprechen, sondern verzeihen!
SWR2 Campus - Neues aus Wissenschaft und Forschung
SWR2 Campus - Neues aus Wissenschaft und Forschung From Germany: Podcast , Education, Science
News from the world of medicine, natural, social and technical sciences packed into this podcast by SWR 2 radio station.
Episode: Mit Nano gegen Diebe und Produktpiraten
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